Michael Daley NSW Labor 2019 NSW election
Michael Daley (Image: Supplied)

More people believe that racism is a problem in Australia than in previous years, according to the latest Scanlon report on social cohesion. But other reports released this week show understanding of sexual violence is incredibly low, and people of faith fail to recognise domestic violence as an issue within their communities. 

It’s been exemplified by none other than NSW’s Labor shadow attorney-general Michael Daley who, when the state’s affirmative consent laws were being passed in Parliament in mid-November, took issue with a provision where consent cannot be given when “the person is unconscious or asleep”. (Daley supported the affirmative consent bill.) 

“If you are married to someone and have a 40-year practice of having sex with them when they are asleep, you are doing so now without consent,” he said. “It needs to be made clear to people how that will work out in real life … It is a significant change.”