Whoopee! (Image: Private Media)

Drink in the Porter As discussed elsewhere in today's Crikey, there are many ways former attorney-general Christian Porter has shown his judgment to be utterly shot in the past year. One minor but significant way this played out was in his resignation note, posted to his Facebook page. For quite some time, the post had open comments -- and as any media outlet will tell you, that way defamation lies.

And so a group of users, presumably using their real names and heedless of the approach Porter in particular and the government he belongs to in general take in response to free speech they don't like, made some profoundly defamatory comments on his post. Those have now been moderated, and many have been taken down.

Raising of the Shields, Part 2 Speaking of public figures who don't always appreciate the robust exchange of ideas, the elevation of Shevan Bevan Shields to the editor role at The Sydney Morning Herald caused a large number of journalists to realise that, at one point or another, Shields had blocked them. Which is one thing when it's Greg Jericho or some other competing publication's writer. But what surprised us -- as it seemed to surprise him -- most was finding that he'd done the same to his former colleague Peter Hannam, the SMH's former environmental editor.