Nationals' leader and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce (Image: Supplied)

And on it goes When in doubt, announce a crackdown on social media companies seems to be Scott Morrison’s political tactic at the moment. After a truly awful parliamentary week, the prime minister tried to reset things at the weekend by announcing his would expand defamation laws to help the powerful -- but carefully pitched it as an “anti-troll law”. That was possibly also to make up for the fact that his plan to use the G20 and Glasgow to call for a social media crackdown got derailed by French President Emmanuel Macron.

That followed an announcement a few weeks earlier that the government would be cracking down on social media. That’s not to be confused with his 2019 federal election promise to crack down on social media. And just to make sure everyone’s got the message, this morning Morrison and low-wattage communications spokesdrone Paul Fletcher issued a media release announcing a government-controlled parliamentary committee would "put big tech under the microscope”. Can we get to 10 announcements before polling day?

Van Duh Bleak There is a very specific historical type that we're extremely fond of here in the Crikey bunker. It's a pantheon including South Australian Senator Rowan Ramsey, reading the wrong Dorothy Dixer; Western Australia's Ben Small and his utterly deadpan reading of a tweet about falling into a big vat of manure in its entirety at Senate estimates; Joe Bullock announcing his great "despond" at the thought of marriage equality and quitting less than halfway into an otherwise meaningless Senate term.