Ed Kavalee, Tom Gleisner and Sam Pang on Have You Been Paying Attention? (Image: Ten)

Have You Been Paying Attention? (987,000 nationally) and Celebrity MasterChef (759,000) had the field to themselves last night and dominated the demos. They saw Ten share the most watched guernsey for the main channels with Nine, which depended on the news from 6 to 7pm -- 1.21 million, ACA, 973,000 and then a fading Parental Guidance with 644,000. 

Love Island, which followed PG, could only average 254,000 and needs parental guidance and good taste to avoid, which a lot of the audience are. But there are a group of young women mostly streaming it each night (probably while studying for the HSC or equivalent or watching with the lights off). So the streaming and seven-day viewing will see that figure doubled or more.

Big Brother VIP got 471,000 last night, but streaming and overnight viewing (and seven-day) will see that rise by 30% or more based on the previous Monday night’s figures. More than 350,000 people would have streamed Love Island and/or BBVIP last night and most would have been young women.