(Image: Private Media)

After a lengthy legal battle, a Los Angeles court ruled to end the conservatorship that restricted what pop singer Britney Spears could do with her money and her life. 

Spears was under the US conservatorship for 13 years. Her finances, relationships, contraception options and lifestyle were dictated by her father, Jamie Spears. Her father was suspended as her conservator in September, the court finding he created a “toxic environment” for his daughter, with the order removed entirely on Friday. After a public battle with Spears detailing just how little control she had over her personal affairs, she said she is “ready for vengeance”. 

But in Australia, similar provisions touch the lives of more than 60,000 Australians. As a Crikey investigation revealed, nearly 14,000 Australians are under a guardianship order, with state-appointed public guardians deciding where those who have been deemed unfit to make decisions for themselves can live, who can visit them and what medical care they receive.