(Image: Private Media/Mitchell Squire)

Nothing happens for decades, then decades happen in weeks, to quote Ilyich Lenin (or was it Ferris Bueller?). Or life comes at you fast, same-same.

At a global level, we seem to be heading full-tilt towards a capitalism of global renewables, funded by joint state-private enterprises and initiatives, fuelled by massive shifts in huge finance funds, themselves kept bubbling over by low interest rates on a global scale.

This transformation is happening at a dizzying pace, and there's no reason to believe that such commitment of funds is simply greenwash -- though that may well be part of it. But the combination of technical advance, government schemes, the changing composition of the capitalist elite over time, and the market for such, has all come together, no doubt with behind-the-scenes deals and arm-twisting, not so much at COP26 as around it, as the conference itself announces one inadequate measure after another.