Environmental protesters in Paris during COP26 (Image: Avenir Pictures/ Karim Ait Adjedjou)

Having helped to sabotage a global phase-out of coal and taken no change in Australia's emissions abatement targets to COP26 in Glasgow, the Morrison government faces a new threat that promises to keep the spotlight on its climate denialism.

With the help of the press gallery and Nationals MPs, Scott Morrison was able to travel to COP26 with the lie that Australia had strengthened its emissions abatement targets.

But there was no increase in the 2030 target, which remains a pitiful 26-28%, or about half what's needed to enable the world to meet the Paris Agreement target of 1.5 degrees, and no increase in the government's 2050 target, which until recently was "preferably net zero" and is now no longer "preferably", but without any legislation or policy change.