anthony albanese
(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Australia’s political media are getting all scratchy. They’re bored. In the segue to a post-COVID Australia, they’re hunting for drama. Specifically, they’re bored with Scott Morrison, sensing that behind his deliberately cultivated suburban daggy-dad persona there’s not much there.

The result? A surge in calls for Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese to fill what Sean Kelly describes in his impressionist portrait of Morrison, The Game, as “an odd hollowness at the centre of Morrison’s prime ministership”. And they’re frustrated that other than a suburban daggy-dad redux pledge to “kick with the wind in the fourth quarter”, Albanese is reluctant to go along.

In the Nine papers last week the always perceptive Niki Savva wanted to know when the fourth quarter was going to begin. In The Conversation, one of Australia’s sharpest political scientists, Judith Brett, wanted a bit of mongrel with “some cut-through lines, to up his public profile, to simplify the political contest, and to land some blows on Morrison”.