Scott Morrison (AAP Image/Dean Lewins)

Well with Labor on 54-46, the Coalition being battered by internal disunity, evidence of profligate and politicised spending, and an election looming, we are on the edge of ... Scott Morrison clawing back enough support with the assistance of his News Corp buddies to eke out a narrow victory once more.

It'll be ghastly if it happens, days or weeks in the sorting out, recounts in seats like Bass and Macquarie, a plurality rather than majority sought, and Rebekha Sharkie or some such suddenly the kingmaker. 

If it does, Morrison, the jowly blue-singleted man-boobed happy-clappy from the Shire, will join the pantheon of Liberal gods. Not at the very centre of the assembly of the gods; somewhere in the middle, like those minor Roman gods of horse stirrups or sneezing.