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South of the border It has all the hallmarks of a banana republic: a late night coup, an unstable economy and a government that effectively condones corruption within its locked border. Is South Australia on the brink of collapse? Should the rest of the of the Commonwealth's troops be massing at the border?

Late on Tuesday night, rebel conservatives sided with Labor to oust speaker Josh Teague and replace him with Liberal turncoat turned independent MP Dan Cregan. This all occurred, of course, just before midnight. Cregan insisted he'd "do this job for a can of baked beans if that’s what the pay was”, a noble sentiment made easier by the $150,000 bump that the pay for this job actually is.

Those same Liberal defectors had caused more chaos in the Parliament earlier on Tuesday, siding with Labor to back a conflict of interest inquiry into Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman over her refusal to back a port at Kangaroo Island, where she has property interests.