(Image: Seven Network)

So what was more embarrassing than last night’s finale of SAS Australia (won by Sam Burgess)? Why it was the second ep of Nine’s Love Island, which must have been based in a sinkhole the way it is rating.

Yes, bookies' favourite Burgess won SAS Australia -- he was always the pea from the money side of the competition. The Bachelor next, perhaps? SAS averaged 948,000. That it couldn’t grab a million national viewers for the deciding ep reminds us that it is not very watchable so far as core demographics are concerned. Yes, it will pick up delayed viewers over the next week but the overnights still count and the core audience liked The Block (1.17 million) on Nine much more.

But it is the disaster of Love Island that will be holding all the attention over at Nine today -- 414,000 for the start on Monday night, 369,000 last night -- these are national figures, mind you. It's a grubby, grotty program with absolutely no redeeming features -- a lot like Married At First Sight, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.