(Image: The Herald Sun)

Zero campaigning Today is the first day in News Corp's campaign in favour of net zero emissions by 2050 -- a move far less consequential than it may look on the surface. One particular note that stood out was the explanation of what they were doing and why, run across the company's papers. Naturally, they condemn both the far right and far left for their inability to compromise and argue that "perhaps the major reason that action on climate change has so repeatedly stalled in this country is that the debate has fallen victim to a culture of constant complaint. That nothing is ever good enough and everything is too little too late".

Which is a remarkable thing to say when you've spent 15 years mainstreaming climate change denialism and turning any form of climate change action into a potentially career-ending issue for successive prime ministers.

Insta-blame Incidentally, we're not sure if the following post on The Daily Telegraph's Instagram is an honest mistake or an expert troll: