(Image: Seven)

Hey Hey It's Nostalgia! Australians learned on the weekend that Hey Hey It's Saturday was 50 years old. Hey Hey It's 50 Years was hosted by a surprisingly youthful Daryl Somers on Seven (yes, we all know that Nine is its real home, but Nine finds nostalgia all very passé). It averaged 1.88 million, with 1.22 million in the metros and 657,000 in the regionals. It easily ate The Block's 1.30 million.

Ten started Celebrity MasterChef at 788,000, while 60 Minutes -- another top story on the Star Casino group -- got 795,000 national viewers but deserved more. Seven’s night, easily.

Regional top five: Hey Hey We’re 50!, 657,000; Seven News506,000; The Block, 382,000; Manhunt, 353,000; Nine News, 345,000.