(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

The Business Council (BCA) supports net zero by 2050? And a 50% emissions reduction target by 2030? Enough to upset Barnaby Joyce and Angus Taylor?

Alas, no. The BCA executive is worried that its membership has worked out just how denialist it is and is desperate to convince them otherwise. That's the real audience for its weekend announcement.

The Business Council is one of Australia's worst climate criminals. It has a long, long record of supporting climate action "in principle" but then working to sabotage any genuinely effective policy to deliver it. The BCA has attacked, cheered on the abolition of or demanded the removal of every single effective climate action policy of the last decade, including the Renewable Energy Target and the Gillard government's carbon pricing scheme, the repeal of which the BCA "welcomed". Two years ago it attacked Labor's emissions target of 45% by 2030 as "economy wrecking". Now it urges a 46-50% target itself.