Sharri Markson (Image: Sky News/YouTube/PrivateMedia)

Marks off Markson We have to be clear about the following clip. This is not something a disgruntled News Corp employee sent us in a petty attempt to embarrass Sharri Markson. This is something that was put out by the network, in public, on purpose:

For those readers who find they cringe themselves into unconsciousness every time they try to watch the clip, it's an outtake of Markson's interview with former US president Donald Trump. "I'd love it show you my book, if that's OK?" Markson says. Trump tenses his face and narrows his eyes like she's suggested they go to a feminist slam poetry night. He eventually snaps out of it and says: "I look forward to reading it." Then the pair thank one another roughly six times collectively.

"It was little bit awkward for a time," Markson then tells a grinning Chris Kenny (presumably basking in one of those moments where he's the second most embarrassing figure his audience is looking at) -- a sentence which is precisely three words too long.