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Lyons den Where are the free speech warriors on the revelations in John Lyons' Dateline Jerusalem? Over the weekend the Nine papers provided an excerpt from the book, detailing interference from the Israeli embassy and several prominent lobbying groups in the coverage of Israel, up to and including raising questions about the hiring policies of our only broadsheet.

It is a story featuring self-censorship from a prominent and influential progressive publication on account of the politics of identity -- Israel has long been a "touchy" subject at Schwartz Media -- and a widespread narrowing of acceptable debate across the media. This is not a minor issue. Nor is it exactly thin. Lyon quotes several editors and journalists, many of whom are open about attempts to influence their coverage.

Surely the papers who rallied on behalf of Bill Leak's right to humiliate Indigenous people will now be clogged with pieces about how accusations of racism or religious intolerance are being weaponised to stymie legitimate debate? Surely the commentators who felt the need to weigh in on the Jessica Rowe/Pauline Hanson podcast saga -- tut-tutting about the censorious left attacking a woman -- would at the very least fire off a couple of tweets about the cowardice that comes with an inability to engage with ideas you don't agree with? And yet...