A serving of ivermectin intended for horses (Image: Supplied)


If there’s one thing more certain than rank stupidity among a dedicated proportion of the population, it’s that someone, somewhere will be making money off that stupidity. Meet the claque of right-wing medicos making millions from the ivermectin idiocy. Facebook is now the largest autocracy on the planet, and must be treated like that.

Zemmour for Président? The latest offering from France’s long-running assembly line of far-right media-political figures. The new villains of inequality? It’s the 9.9% who enable the 0.1% who really prop up inequality, a new book argues.


Social scientists, it turns out, rely too much on a small number of “model cases”. Monika Krause explores the neglected cases that shed much more light than Sociology 101. Giorgio Agamben versus the pandemic: the philosophy of state power in lockdown. Europe struggles to get its act together on defence (funny, they seemed to have no difficulty when they were fighting among themselves). And the sixtieth anniversary of Paris Massacre of 1961 is almost upon us.