A test scan of a vaccine passport is shown at a gym in Quebec, Canada (Image: AP/Christinne Muschi)

Like it or not, vaccine passports are on the way for most Australians. So what will life look like when Australians have to flash one to enter bars, cafes, events, cinemas, hairdressers and more? We can look to a frosty cousin, Canada, for some idea.

Like Australia, the rollout differs among the 13 provinces (think of them as states) and territories. The difference in the vaccine passport mandates is kind of a problem, particularly considering that domestic travel in Canada, unlike Australia, is not restricted. Some provinces have QR codes, others have cards for the wallet, and some are dodging the term "vaccine passport" for political clout, even though that's ostensibly what they have. Four have no plans to introduce a passport -- yet.

Quebec was the first to draw the line in Canada, mandating vaccine passports on September 1. Basically you can’t go to restaurants, bars, gyms, festivals, sports venues and large-scale events without one. What’s more, you get fined thousands of dollars if you’re found to be without one in those places.