(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

The enormity of the disaster created by Scott Morrison's submarines decision is now becoming apparent -- as is the fact that, no matter who wins the coming election, the colossal mess is going to have be cleaned up in the next term of Parliament.

Yesterday Malcolm Turnbull, who signed the now-binned deal with Naval Group in 2016, forensically took apart his successor's decision. He pointed out that we now have no submarine program of any kind, the lack of a sovereign capability in relation to nuclear-powered boats that have to be maintained overseas, the lack of evidence around the ability to simply let a reactor using highly enriched uranium run without servicing for 35 years, the better safety standards of French nuclear submarines (which Australia spurned), the years-long delays that the decision will inflict on our naval capacity and, in particular, Morrison's trashing of Australia's reputation for fair dealing -- and trashing it with France, which is both a major European power and a Pacific power.

Morrison had damaged Australia's national security with his deception and betrayal of the French, Turnbull said.