disaffected voters
Pauline Hanson (Image: AAP/Darren England)

Rowe Rowe Rowe your note (of apology) You can set your watch to almost every development in the saga of Jessica Rowe having Senator Pauline Hanson on her podcast for a chummy "apolitical" chat about living/loving/laughing, juggling parenthood and a busy career, and keeping Australia safe for the white man (that last bit may not have come up). The bright initial announcement. The swift backlash. The defence, where Rowe argues she has "interrogated Pauline many times over the years" and makes it "clear in the podcast I don’t support her views".

Then the backdown and the screencap apology. "Kindness is at the heart of who I am," Rowe bravely points out, before thanking two of the more unimpeachable progressive celebs for telling her what a terrible idea it was. If it weren't for Australian of the Year Grace Tame, Rowe might never have known why it was inappropriate to have a humanising chinwag with someone whose views on Asians, Muslims, Indigenous people or whatever minority she happens upon have been a matter of public record for a quarter of a century.