Bridget McKenzie (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Doin' what comes Nat-urally Oh the joys of Australia's climate change debate, where the government is by turns feted and condemned for a meaningless and far-too-late commitment it's still yet to actually make. So today Bridget McKenzie has called Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's support for a carbon neutral economy by 2050 the “worst kind of vacuousness over values”. She adds, magnificently, that too many federal MPs are worried about being “cool” rather than “the consequences of their decisions” ("Now, Josh, if you have to vaguely allude to action on climate change to impress them, then those kids aren't really your friends").

The Nationals have always had an interesting take on the concept of a Coalition. In 2018 Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce called then-PM Malcolm Turnbull "inept" when the pair were at war over Joyce's affair with a staffer. Until he resigned in March 2017, George Christensen's role as chief whip didn't stop him threatening to cross the floor roughly every 18 seconds. New South Wales Nationals leader John Barilaro attempted to bring down his Coalition partners late last year, back when NSW was one of the most successful states in managing COVID.

So why should McKenzie (who, let's not forget, recently got her job back after sports rorts made her one of the few people to breach the Morrison's government's standards) expect any pushback on this latest outburst?