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Halton catch fire As we've previously pointed out, former Health Department secretary Jane Halton wears many hats, some of which are novelty ones with flashing lights that spell out the phrase "conflict of interest" in bright pink neon. So it was when she was appointed to lead a nationwide review of all hotel quarantine arrangements in July last year, despite sitting on the board of Crown casino, a company deeply entangled with the very crisis she was reviewing.

And just to ram home the point, the Perth casino royal commission has revealed that mere weeks before her appointment Crown Perth's high-roller room remained open during the state's brief June/July lockdown, contrary to the company's disclosures to the ASX.

Pollywaffle If there was a medal for equivocal language, the following effort from Prime Minister Scott Morrison -- in response to US President Joe Biden's contention that the world is fast ­approaching "a 'point of no ­return' in the literal sense” on climate change -- would win gold so comfortably it would attract the attention of anti-doping agencies.