(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Tudge won't budge Our Education Minister Alan Tudge cried "freedom" yesterday, describing the anti-vaccine mandate rally that assailed the CFMMEU offices and then billowed west in the following terms:

Basic freedoms are denied. The community is fracturing. Whole industries, like construction, shut down at random. Kids are not allowed to go to school or play with their mates. My office is inundated with desperate people, who are often in tears. Sometimes grown men because their business has been decimated. It is not right and cannot go on.

Law and order be damned. The rally which saw journalists and police cars attacked and has resulted in scores of arrests clearly attracts Tudge's sympathy. As we know, he's no fan of contested history so he may not like us bringing this up, but we can't help but wonder what has changed since the Extinction Rebellion protest of August 10? Those guys weren't decent folk moved to extreme action by the urgency of their cause, according to Tudge. They weren't even activists. They were "just criminals".