Dan Andrews covid-19 lockdown
Victorian Premier Dan Andrews (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Melbourne has been in lockdown for 234 days, and it shows. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that in a city set to overtake Buenos Aires as the most locked-down in the world, the social fabric might start fraying around the edges. 

So it was yesterday as chaos hit the streets, ostensibly a response to the Andrews government mandating vaccines on construction sites, then hastily shutting down the sector for two weeks via night-time press release. 

A motley assortment of far-right anti-vax grifters, Ustaše sympathisers and, yes, a few bona fide card-carrying members of the CFMMEU tore through the streets and ended up blocking traffic on the West Gate Bridge as they belted out Daryl Braithwaite’s cover of "The Horses" (presumably because they wanted ivermectin?). Then, just to drive home the apocalyptic vibes, an earthquake hit Victoria this morning.