Barnaby Joyce (Image: AAP)

No moderates on a dead planet Fresh from a new round of news regarding the "Voices of" movements targeting "moderate" Liberal seats with independent candidates comes the headline (this time in the Nine papers) "Moderate Liberals urge government to raise climate targets", dusted off and following as sure as an echo.

Just as the press gallery is often happy to cross the halfway line to meet Prime Minister Scott Morrison on matters of policy and rhetoric, there is a lacuna in this coverage. At what point do the "moderates" making these calls have to account for the party they've belonged to and, more to the point, voted with, for years? It's not mere inaction -- Liberal moderates have been plenty active, voting against greater action on climate change nearly 100% of the time.

Joyce words Former attorney-general Christian Porter had been on the backbench for less than 24 hours when acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce started laying the groundwork for him to return to a leadership position: "You'll have a bit of time on your hands but you can use it effectively, and I'm sure he will," Joyce said. "If he does it effectively, I believe he should be given another chance at some future time in a senior role."