(Image: SIPA USA/Gary Fabiano)


All good news in this section, including one of the best articles on national security I’ve read in a very long time — Lydia Wilson reports the sordid truth of the “countering violent extremism” industry and the governments that have no interest in finding out what actually motivates terrorism. How many people died in the War on Terror? The total death toll may be 5-6 million. There’s never been proper accountability for the role played by corporate media in the War on Terror — because the media is incapable of holding itself to account. And the War on Terror was corrupt right from the get-go.


For a long time I’ve been interested in the social ramifications of basing a society’s values on economic worth. Here’s a new take: why are we so interested in losers when we’re told to love winners so much? Hypocrisy really is important: why so many “religious” leaders don’t live their Christian beliefs, and what’s so wrong about it. The global housing market is broken — it’s not just Australia. And it will have generational ramifications. Amid a major gas price spike in Europe, European MPs suspect the Russians of manipulating prices. And their comes a point when attempting to compromise is self-defeating. America went past that point a long time ago.


Frank Brennan picks over the legal detritus from Clive Palmer’s attempt to force WA open to COVID. Angela Smith on the capitalist fetish of customer care. And Rachael Weaver has an essay on the currawong that is well worth a Meanjin subscription.