(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

What to make of CFMMEU officials, led by pantomime villain and alleged domestic violence perpetrator John Setka, being bombarded and attacked by disgruntled tradies, right-wing extremists and anti-vaxxers in Melbourne yesterday -- when the CFMMEU opposes mandatory vaccination?

Further illustration that the anti-vax/far-right coalition that has emerged in recent months is both prone to violence -- animals seem a particular target, for some reason -- and that they'll never let facts get in the way of a conspiracy theory. Despite the CFMMEU being a significant impediment to vaccination in the construction industry, Setka is apparently "Daniel Andrews' bitch". The protest was reminiscent of British anti-vaxxers violently attacking a former BBC building in London, oblivious to the fact that the Beeb hadn't been there in years. Facts are not the strong suit of this crowd.

Andrews has done what Gladys Berejiklian rightly did in NSW, despite opposition from religious extremist MPs in her own ranks, and mandated vaccination in construction amid widespread non-compliance with public health requirements in the Victorian sector.