Kylea Tink (Image: AAP/supplied by BeNoble)

When independent candidate Cathy McGowan and her group “Voices for Indi” wrested the seat from the Liberal Party in 2013, she started a revolution. The model of her victory -- a genuine grass-roots, community-led campaign -- has been followed by electorates all over Australia. There are now about 40 “Voices” groups focused on getting around the impasse on climate change and political integrity by electing an independent.  

The latest electorate to formally nominate an independent candidate is North Sydney, which contains some of the richest postcodes in the country. It's an electorate which has voted for an independent before -- the legendary Ted Mack served as a local councillor, NSW MP and ultimately federal MP between 1974 and 1996. 

The North Sydney’s independents group has put forward a very impressive candidate for the seat: Kylea (pronounced Kylie) Tink, a 50-year-old former CEO of two cancer charities who has lived and worked in the electorate for 15 years.