Piers Morgan and Rupert Murdoch (Image: Paul Edwards/The Sun/News UK/PA Wire)

In late 2020 the inexplicable media fixture and stretched-out baby Piers Morgan wrote a book called Wake Up. It railed against "cancel culture" and the "woke agenda" and we suspect it takes longer to read than it did to write.

Morgan is now headed to back News Corp, to appear on US screens on Fox News (and, via Sky News, Australian ones). This is proof, if any were still needed, that certain members of the media can only fail upwards -- and hopefully it's the final time we have to point out that those who complain loudest and longest about "cancel culture" are not in any way subject to it.

When Morgan literally stormed off Good Morning Britain in March because he was being criticised -- for calling Meghan Markle and Prince Harry liars after their Oprah interview -- everyone knew it would have no effect on his ability to trip into another high-profile gig.