Christian Porter
(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Everyone might have been distracted yesterday, but Christian Porter remains a minister of the Crown, a patently untenable position for a man who claims, in effect, to have had someone pop a briefcase full of $100 notes on his doorstep and kept it.

Prime ministerial hire-a-hubby Phil Gaetjens' inquiry into whether Porter has broken even the shoddy standards of the Morrison government, which should have taken a good two minutes, is into its second day -- perhaps someone in PM&C can't print off the statement of ministerial standards for putting in the rounds up to Big Phil's office, or Gaetjens is having trouble finding section 2.21.

Is Porter desperately hoping his anonymous benefactor will step forward to unmask themselves, relieving him of the burden of having to either return the money to the creatively named "Legal Services Trust" or step down? Is the prime minister waiting for the weekend when Porter will be offered a pistol, a bottle of whisky and pointed to the study? Or does Scott Morrison think his nuclear-powered distraction will make everyone forget about the industry minister?