Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon (Image: Nine)

Break out the Cold Duck -- no, make it some Bodega or Great Western (let’s splurge) with some Jatz and a cocktail onion or three. No, it’s not a dinner party on The Newsreader, Nine’s Today had a small but significant win in the metros in breakfast over Sunrise, 248,000 to 237,000.

That's the first metro win in terms if numbers for more than three years and the biggest margin for more than that. Sunrise still won nationally because of its greater share in Queensland. Sunrise had 428,000 national and 237,000 metro, to Today's, 369,000 and 248,000 and News Breakfast's 326,000 and 206,000.

Nine won the night in total people and the main channels. No Masked Singer on Ten, and it dipped after launching Making it Australia to 651,000 national viewers. It’s a homecrafts, decorating sort of program. Baking anyone? Should have been on air a year ago really.