Christian Porter (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

The most corrupt government in Australian federal history does has some standards around accountability and integrity. It's just that -- like Bridget McKenzie -- you have to have particularly awful judgment to be in danger of breaching them. And in the case of industry minister and professional man-child Christian Porter, judgment is very much the operative word.

Porter, for all his legal and political experience, has zero judgment. He believes it's appropriate to remain a minister while unresolved allegations of historic sexual assault -- vehemently denied -- remain over him. He believed it was appropriate to pursue the ABC for defamation despite it never naming him in relation to the allegations. He believed it was a good idea to engage a conflicted lawyer on his team. And when his lawyer was knocked out and his case ran into the sand -- fancy a defamation case that doesn't win in Australia! -- he cut bait and settled for his costs being covered, insisting at a media conference that he'd inflicted a major defeat on the ABC. Into the bargain, he wanted the ABC's defence locked in the vault.

Even his mates at News Corp didn't like that.