(Image: AP/Andrew Harnik)

Sub standards We have, at last, entered a new golden era for the spaceships of the ocean. The trilateral agreement between Australia, the US and the UK, will replace the utterly botched French submarine deal with nuclear-powered models. It was forward-sizzled like hell in the Nine papers last night, with breathless reports of cabinet ministers rushing back to Canberra ahead of a "major announcement" coming out of the US. Anyone worried that this, combined with an increasingly fighty posture from North Korea, may bode very, very ill could perhaps reassure themselves by looking at The New York Times' website, where all of this yet to rate a mention.

This impression -- that this is a bigger deal for Australia that it is for the US or the UK -- was really driven home during the press conference announcing the deal, attended by the leaders of all three countries, US president Joe Biden appeared to forget Scott Morrison's name: “Thank you, Boris. And I want to thank that fella down under. Thank you, pal. Appreciate it, Mr Prime Minister”.

This is the second time the PM has encountered a world leader unable to recall his name without aid -- remember German Chancellor Angela Merkel's palm cards? Still, at least Biden didn't just guess, like Sean Spicer did with his predecessor, President Malcolm Trumble.