Aria (Image: Aria/Facebook)

Breaking the food chain In pre-COVID times, a high-profile restaurant announcing it was complying with government health advice wouldn't be particularly noteworthy. But when Sydney's Aria restaurant did just that on Instagram last Friday, announcing its reopening on October 18, it set off a firestorm. 

The post made it clear “only fully vaccinated guests will be allowed to enter our venue”. A total of 9729 comments later, the post is still acting as a virtual front of the vaccine wars, as pro- and anti-vaxxers slug it out over whether restaurants and other hospitality venues have the right to keep out the unvaxxed. Ironically, and inevitably, these include death threats and a thousand yelps of “discrimination” and “medical apartheid”. 

The next day, veteran Australian chef Neil Perry posted a video on his Instagram, supporting Aria: