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With the federal government foolishly insisting on secrecy in terms of who received the $89.3 billion in JobKeeper handouts, the drip-feed of revelations will continue all the way to the federal election.

Besides the Louis Vuitton disclosure last week and revelations that Gucci and Bulgari shared in more than $10 million, there hasn’t been a lot of naming and shaming of multinational recipients. However, Crikey can reveal that global pokies giant International Gaming Technologies (IGT) received millions in JobKeeper in calendar 2020 to assist with its $30 million wages bill.

Unlike the direction from ASIC for ASX-listed companies to disclose their specific JobKeeper revenues, there is no such requirement with the Australian subsidiaries of multinationals, so the accounts lodged by IGT Australia with ASIC don’t reveal precisely how many millions it pocketed.