(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

One of the reasons that JobKeeper is now dogging the government and Josh Frydenberg -- whose political future is starting to look rather grim -- is that it is the sort of issue that confirms people's existing biases.

Explain that the Liberal Party is the party of big government in Australia -- as Crikey has been doing for years -- and it never gets any traction because it contradicts, not confirms, people's biases. Labor is the party of big government, regardless of the facts.

But explain that the Liberal Party is handing billions to its business mates, and that confirms an idea that even Liberal voters believe: that the party is too close to big business. And Frydenberg is stuck with it. On current polling in Victoria, Frydenberg faces a difficult reelection fight, and his once-assured status as Scott Morrison's successor is crumbling rapidly as Peter Dutton burnishes his strongman image in contrast to the weak, passive Morrison.