Holey Moley
(Image: Holey Moley/Channel Seven)

What would happen if a TV network programmed and broadcast two shows that viewers all but ignored?

For example, on Seven last night at 7.30 to 8.30pm Holey Moley Unhinged was in the schedule -- 353,000 people watched nationally. It was followed by a movie called Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (which bored for America when I saw it on Netflix): 276,000. Where are My Kitchen Rules and House Rules when you want a proper flop or two, not these pretenders? 

Holey Moley Unhinged was not entertainment; it was a punishment, as is Nine’s The Block -- 1.3 million nationally last night and the most watched non-news program. It is still sucking air from the cheating scandal. Nine’s night, easily.