(Image: Concord Monitor via AP/Elizabeth Frantz)

It's a measure of what a crap weekend Scott Morrison was having that he must have looked forward to Monday and [checks his notes] ... launching a women's safety summit.

Well, this will be interesting, I thought, as ScoMo the God-botherer will surely have some things to say about [checks my notes] ... the centrality to violence "of gender inequality".

Good God. Are we really back here again? At the "gender inequality" thesis? For those who dip in and out of the violence against women and children issue, "gender inequality" was the argument -- dominant for a while -- that various forms of structural and cultural inequality between men and women were the root cause, even the always present cause, of such violence. In the public arena, "gender inequality" came after the notion of "respect" and before the attachment to "coercive control", the current but highly debated favourite.