(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Questionable optics Scott Morrison's most recent farrago -- the revelation that he got a travel exemption to travel home to Sydney and spend Father's Day with his family (an option unavailable to other eastern-staters who happen to live a hard border away from their families) -- fits with several themes of his premiership (and it's not just his long-term commitment to dads).

It follows his comfort with dishonesty, even when he has to know he'll be found out (why make a point of posting an old photo if not to hide the fact you could have taken one on the day?); his staggeringly poor grasp of optics for a marketing guy; and his ability to turn a questionable but defensible move into a scandal through concealing it.

But we're not sure what the following illustrates: the family pic that Morrison used to mark Father's Day -- the Morrison clan gathered around a dove -- was cropped from a picture taken at the "i4give Day" remembrance service for four young people -- Antony, Angelina and ­Sienna Abdallah, and their cousin Veronique Sakr -- killed by a car. Another choice rendered all the more creepy by Morrison's decision to conceal it.