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The hypocrisy of Thomas Jefferson and his racist university. Most of the things Kennedy apologists have told you about the Cuban Missile Crisis is wrong (I love stuff that exposes just how appalling St Bobby Kennedy really was). And in the rewriting of recent history — how the forever warriors are mortified at the idea of an end to US interventionism and continue to call for more wars. Meanwhile in the UK, the royal family and the government continue to block the release of embarrassing historical documents.


Yes the pandemic really did cause a baby bust, but did lockdowns really cause a spike in cancer severity due to delays in detection? The evidence is mixed. Plenty of time to dream when you’re dead. And Australian researchers — maybe — detect a different kind of gravitational wave using a very different kind of detector (forgive my obsession with gravity waves — but how cool is it we can detect ripples in space-time?)


Really great piece from Lizzie O’Shea and Mark Andrejevic on the disastrous News Media Bargaining Code. I keep pointing this out, people — especially journalists who write on national security and surveillance — keep ignoring it. Our governments are the biggest cybersecurity threat: the NSA created a backdoor into a software product and the Chinese walked right in. Think you can trust ProtonMail? Yeah, nah. Governments could be manipulating information on mapping services, including Google Maps, to control your movement. Fanciful? It’s already happened. And 20 years on from 9/11, no one has been prosecuted in relation to the atrocity — to spare the vile Saudi tyranny embarrassment.