(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

Keeping a lid on information inside the Morrison government is a full-time job. Just ask Josh Frydenberg. Last week, as well as managing the country’s finances, the treasurer was busy suppressing the names of the thousands of large corporations that pocketed JobKeeper handouts while increasing their revenue.

Crikey detailed the lengths he went to keep the list of JobKeeper rorters under wraps. It’s important to remember there is no legal or ethical reason why the government cannot release the details of any company that receives public money. Public money is always accounted for -- and this is $13 billion

But this didn't stop Frydenberg from intervening in a Senate motion that would force the tax commissioner to hand over company names which has put the commissioner in the “unprecedented situation” of facing jail time for contempt of parliament if he disobeys the Senate’s request.