Energy Minister Angus Taylor (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Evidently alarmed by the growing focus on the government's proposed "CoalKeeper" tax on households to prop up unviable fossil fuel generators, Angus Taylor and his media and industry backers have rushed to defend directing billions in subsidies to fossil fuel companies.

Taylor got himself asked a Dixer in question time yesterday and used it to insist CoalKeeper would be about "gas and pumped hydro", and that other countries had similar mechanisms. Energy Security Board head Kerry Schott -- who oversaw the $1 million sale of NSW's coal-fired Vales Point power station to Trevor St Baker's Delta Energy -- claimed CoalKeeper wouldn't prolong the lives of coal-fired power stations for a minute.

And the Financial Review editorialised that CoalKeeper wasn't about protecting coal, but "if it is designed well, should not protect coal generation from the immense pressure it is under to exit" -- though at least it acknowledged the obvious, that "the plan could cost more".