Torchbearers at the Opening Ceremony for the Tokyo Paralympic Games (Image: AAP/Bob Martin)

NRL -- 547,000 on Nine and 176,000 on Foxtel -- and the Paralympics -- 443,000 for the evening and 473,000 for the night sessions of day two -- made for a pleasant evening’s viewing. Tonight it's a repeat dose but add AFL semi-finals, also on tomorrow and Sunday.

Monday morning you'll be a new person -- especially if you ignore The Voice et al on Sunday night. Oh, and don’t forget Netflix, Stan, Amazon and Prime.

The games made sure it was Seven’s night last night, from Nine with its NRL game and Ten with the fading Bachelor -- 572,000. Foreign Correspondent had a good report from South Korea where the online retail boom is killing drivers -- 525,000 viewers for a solid report. Q+A was kids and COVID and other concerns -- 367,000 viewers, which was about what you’d expect with children involved. Adults just turn off.