David Littleproud
David Littleproud (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

A meaty topic It's become a refrain of the Morrison government in the era of COVID-19: whenever the government does something, it is simply following the science. This familiarity with science must be why our politicians feel so qualified to publicly slate scientific agencies, as the Nationals deputy and Agriculture Minister David Littleproud did yesterday. Listening to him, you'd assume the next front of the culture war is apparently plant-based fake meat -- because all the good ones were taken, we guess?

Littleproud is going the CSIRO for having the temerity to include fake meat in its "digital tuckerbox", an educational tool looking at the nutrition and environmental impact of various foods.

The tuckerbox brazenly says we eat a moderate amount of meat for the sake of the environment (which is true) and that you shouldn't eat salami every meal (a directive we frankly don't like any more than Littleproud does).