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Seven had an easy win on Monday night over Nine, Ten and the ABC. And it was an easy win last night too. Déjà vu all over again!

The Block (aka the flop) had 815,000, after 880,000 a week ago. The Hundred With Andy Lee, from 683,000 on debut a week ago, fell to 482,000. A flopperoo as The Block viewers turned off in droves -- a 40% audience loss!

On Seven, Australia Now and Then had 703,000 from 768,000 a week ago, helped by another stellar outing by The Voice -- 1.71 million, up from 1.57 million a week ago. The dead hand of Nine can be seen in the performance of The Block (don’t change, don’t refresh). Ten's Australian Survivor had 830,000 and is holding up well, but as soon as The Cheap Seats started at 9pm viewers vanished -- it averaged 392,000. That’s a 50% loss of audience. Only Ten could run a program on a Tuesday about the week that was.