Andrew Twiggy Forrest mining bushfire
Mining magnate Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

AFR out I mean, we’ve known for a while that Joe Aston is a law unto himself. The AFR Rear Window columnist has delivered a withering response to Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest’s threat to block “egregious” Brazillian company JBS from a full takeover of Huon Aquaculture (in which Forrest has an 18.5% stake), unless it commits to better standards of environmental protection and animal welfare. After all, Aston points out, Forrest’s fortune rests soundly on top of several billion tonnes of carbon emissions:

How is Australia’s richest man consistently allowed to burnish his green saviour complex while skimming over the plain fact his entire fortune is the product of massive pollution?

This question may well be directed at his colleagues — there may be no publication as reliably sympathetic to Twiggy than The Australian Financial Review, whether it’s cataloguing the “vindication” of his green hydrogen trials, or detailing how he is “defying sceptics to wrangle a green energy future”.

Treat for Jock nerds “Do you have a question for Jock Zonfrillo?” a tweet from 98.9fm Best Country brightly asks, before offering us a chance to win celebrity chef Zonfrillo’s new memoir Last Shot. And look, who wouldn’t like to escape from the current news cycle with the hardscrabble but ultimately inspiring story of one of Australia’s most beloved celebrity chefs?

And hey, given this comes a bit over a week after a piece in Good Weekend alleged that huge chunks of the book were fabricated — which the publishers deny — we certainly do have a question or two for him. Twitter is having a field day with it — the replies are already full of inquiries about how Zonfrillo found being first man on the moon, or meeting Barack Obama.

Professor plus metaphor equals… With Delta dawning all over, what do we need most from epidemiologists? How about a tortured sports metaphor! Here’s Professor Tony Blakely in The Age:

But, just as you never gave rugby wingers like Jonah Lomu or David Campese any room to move, you do not give Delta wiggle room. Wiggle room plus Delta can equal NSW.

Thanks, doc. A virus is like a rugby player the size of an industrial fridge. Ha. We’re all going crazy, aren’t we? 

How Abbott that We do love hearing from our old pals at the Institute for Public Affairs. They got in contact to tell us that an implication we made about Tony Abbott’s previous podcast — that it was the kind of chaotic project we’ve all started and swiftly abandoned — was off the mark:

If you google the Australia’s Future series literally the first link that comes up says it is a ‘in a new three-part podcast series to discuss the future of the Australian way of life.’ It also says: ‘The second and third episodes will be released over the next two weeks.’ – Saying ‘It lasted three weeks’ like it was cancelled or something is either deliberately misleading or written without proper research.