(Image: AP/Evan Vucci)

The emerging conventional wisdom in Washington is that US President Joe Biden was disastrously wrong in his assessment of Afghanistan — especially since he declared a little more than a month ago that the Afghan national forces would fight, and possibly dominate, the Taliban.

Further painting himself into a rhetorical corner, Biden added: “Never has Afghanistan been a united country, not in all of its history.” 

Now that the Taliban seem to have more control of the country than they did even in the late 1990s, that latter Biden appraisal is looking very wrong as well. Afghanistan will now be united all right, but in blood. Very likely a reign of terror by the Pashtun-dominated Taliban will ensue as they subjugate Afghanistan’s large and hostile non-Pashtun ethnic population, such as the Tajiks and Hazaras (the second and third largest ethnic groups, respectively).