Sky News commentator and News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt (Image: Sky)

Looks like the failure of climate action is all down to China -- at least if you’re getting your “news” out of the right-wing misinformation ecosystem. That’s the eyebrow-raising claim that shuffled along the amplification chain from Sky after dark on Monday night through a prime ministerial press conference on Tuesday and onto Wednesday’s front-page of The Australian.

Now watch for this NMP (not my problem) roadblock to action as it’s laundered into the mainstream on the ABC through the guest appearance of coal-urger Senator Matt Canavan on Q+A tonight.

It’s the perfectly framed denialist trope that hits all three points of the lies-damned-lies-and-statistics framework with just enough de-contextualised factoids to carry it off. It’s 2020s denialism, News Corp style: unapologetically nod past the clarity of the science (finally!) while muddying the challenges of the transition.