Campbell Newman, Pauline Hanson and Amanda Stoker (Images: AAP)

In a few months, and after more than a quarter of a century, Pauline Hanson and her divisive brand of politics could be consigned to history. Or that's what the maths of the Queensland seats in the federal Senate make-up suggests, whatever way you add or subtract votes.

And although former Queensland Liberal premier Campbell Newman has decided to join the race -- representing the Liberal Democrats -- it’s hard to see him finding a spot in Canberra either. That'll come as a surprise to him because he made it very clear that the nation needs him: Prime Minister Scott Morrison stood for nothing, he announced at the weekend, and Labor leader Anthony Albanese represented outdated socialism.

“Six years ago I declared my political career over," he said. "But I simply cannot sit by and watch Australia being so poorly led and this crisis being so poorly managed by our major political parties."