Lionel Messi (Image: Nick Potts/PA Wire)

Another week dawns and New South Wales is locked down and has thrown away the key, Victoria is weaving in and out for the foreseeable future, and just as greater Brisbane climbs out of lockdown, Cairns and Yarrabah fall back in. The other states are faring better for now but know lockdown is only a moment of bad luck or carelessness away.

All this is stressful enough without the details -- Delta, more infectious and skews "sicker, quicker and younger" (including children). Last week a 27-year-old man died, Australia's youngest COVID death. Just under 20% of Australians are fully vaccinated.

It's become easy to forget that events not directly concerning COVID-19 are still happening out there in the world. So we thought we'd bring you up to speed.